Saturday, October 21, 2017

First two weeks of October

October started with the Annual meeting  it was a wonderful event and I was sorry not get get a family picture.  Then that sunday Terri and I did something I truly enjoyed A Stage Play!  A great way to statt the month.  

Monday, September 4, 2017

Breakfast challenges

The major challenges in the new eating plan is breakfast.  I feel that if i do not start the day with the right type of breakfast then I will be less successful with the meals for the rest of the day.  

So what if i planned, prepared and packed the right lunch if I eat the wrong breakfast then my taste buds are prepared to eat the same way all day.  It does not matter that i brought thai pad for lunch.  It does not matter that i really enjoy the food i had packed and when i packed i was excited to have it for lunch.  This is all ruined by the tasted of my favorite breakfast sandwich!!.

Is it just me?

So i have began the search for the right breakfast foods that will keep my mind and tastebuds in line.

I truly like quinoa and have decided it will be my go to breakfast food.  Since i will always eat some meat, eggs will always be a part of my diet.  i just will not have eggs, bacon or sausage, cheese and toasted potato bread to make a wonderful breakfast sandwich. …. i have to find a replacement sandwich for that.

One morning i had quinoa, greens (leftovers) with a fried egg  topped with cheese. 

So i have began the search for the right breakfast foods that will keep my mind and tastebuds in line.

this was quite good and filling!

I also try quinoa in other ways as well, i found a lot of breakfast ideas on pinterest.  One of my favorite is  5 minute savory quinoa.  I did not expect it to but it did in time it trigger my acid reflux so i needed to switch up some things.   

I have had  quinoa and oatmeal in a variety of ways based on whatever i could find in my refrigerator.  Sweet potatoes,  peaches,  applesauce, trailmix.

This has been more successful however i still need to find a substitute breakfast sandwich.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Working on Plant Based Eating Plan.

I am doing my best to work on a plant based diet for my and my dearest Todd.   This all started because I had knee problems.   I know  just listen  it is a weird chain of events.  

I went to the doctor for the pain in my knee  he gave me the whole talk about the injections into the knee before I would need knee replacement .  I do not what knee replacement  I want the pain to go away.  So he gave me the name of Dr. Rometo for a special Diet plan to help with losing the weight.    So my dearest Todd thought it would be great if we both could do the diet plan so he made a doctors appointment and he got started on a fasting meal replacement program.    I missed the bus and missed the doctor's appointment and as i learned about the program from what Todd appointment with the Doctor, the Nutritionist, the cost of the meal replacement shakes…  I decided we could not afford for us both to do this so it was more important for him to do it and I would follow the program but I would buy slim fast.

The shakes were the protein and he was to have them for breakfast and  lunch and vegetarian dinner. So I worked hard on finding vegetable meals.  And it works great for two weeks.  Then my dearest started drinking the shakes and eating Wendy's and Fox’s Pizza chicken wings.. Etc… so it was a waste of money spent on those expensive shakes.   I am so sorry if that sounded like blah blah blah blah.. I know that is what it sounds like when i reread it.

So in time we stopped the extreme dieting and I decided that our diet should be mostly vegetables and a side dish of meat.  And  this has been working.    So I have decided to restart my blog charting our adventure in eating.  Because this is a life change not a temporary dietary change. My pictures are not the best at this point but I hope to get better as I continue.

I have been posting pictures of our food in instagram, facebook and if it is something i came up with then I will include it on pinterest on my yummy board.

My dearest Todd loves noodles and rice.  So I am determine that occasionally we need to change these from the typical carbs to vegetable alternatives.

Mussells are part of our regular diet  and I usually serve them with noodles.  In my determination  I wondered how this meal would taste with spaghetti squash as the noodles.  

My dearest Todd was not exactly excited at the thought of squash as noodles.  So he would devise way to distract me from cooking the squash.  

One night while I was working on the hems of a bridesmaid dress  I finished early and so I took that advantage of the time to cook the squash.

Krista at work gave me a great idea to make sure I would get nice long noodles.

It was the best tip of the week and I will always cook spaghetti squash this way from now on.  

So now that the squash was cooked tomorrow will be a breeze.

 After work i came into the kitchen which my dearest Todd had cleaned all the dishes and  put out a pack of chicken from the freezer.     I did not know we had chicken in the freezer but it did not matter because it was still frozen and I was not cooking chicken anyway.  

In the freezer I had the mussels that I had purchase which were frozen in a garlic butter sauce.
steamed them in  my wok.  
added ¼ stick of butter and a clove of crush garlic to highlight the flavor.    
Once the mussels shells had opened
added the spaghetti squash noodles and lowered the heat to the lowest setting and put the lid on it.  

When the temperature was just right.  
served dinner.    

At first my dearest Todd was like “ What kind of noodles are these?”  but he did not wait for my answer because I think he suddenly remembered.    I heard him sigh as I put my plate on the table and sat beside him and started to eat.

I purposely did not look at him and to my surprise he had finished his food and was on his way to the kitchen.  I thought “ oh no! “  But I heard he using the ladle as he scooped himself another serving and sat back down beside me.  “ This is very good.  I really like the sauce  it makes the noodles taste really good.   Thanks “  

Success!  This means the next time  I  use the spaghetti squash he will look forward to the newest variation to our eating plan.