Friday, August 28, 2015

50 hours later !

 I dedicated 50 hours of my life to my ministry.  It was amazing. 

There is always time to make some Art!  " A day without Smiling is a day Wasted!" 

This is kinda of a smile. 

This is a horrible picture of a dress that I made.  In order for me to sleep I need to winddown and I do that by sewing. 

A favorite dress must be retired!    A sad day! 

This is going to be a shopping bag tote.  I had to move the handles.  

Get a better grip! 

A wall mural where I stood during street witnessing!

I bought some new polish!  

Always take time to notice the flowers ! 

I wish this was lighter.  Hubby had a good conversation at the laundromat!  

We always take some time to eat!  Next time I will pack a lot more lunches! 

Interesting things to see at 7:00 am.  It's a Charlie Brown tree. 

After evening witness   Stopped by the Gentlemen Brew in Braddock and the food truck had beef brisket  Mac and Cheese and ColeSlaw.

It was a great month and look forward to next time!